Door handling and storage instructions

  • Do not drag the doors over one another or across other surfaces.
  • These doors are for interior use only.
  • Doors must be horizontally stacked on flat surface.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Cover the stack with plastic sheet.
  • Do not place or store any other material over the door.

Door Fixing / Installation Instructions

  • Fit the door after completing the wet area work and after cleaning the floor on site.
  • Door frames should be properly aligned with each other.
  • Avoid trimming of doors while fixing. If trimming is necessary, do not trim more than ½ Inch per side. Use sharp, fine tooth saw for best results. Be sure to reseal all trimmed sides.
  • Lipping of teak or hardwood on all the four sides has to be done to prevent the moisture absorbtion, wear and tear of the door, thereby increasing the life of the door.
  • To fix screws and hinges as per thickness and size of the door, consult an Architect / Carpenter / Hardware expert. Do not use nails and hammers.
  • The door greater than 6 feet requires 4 Hinges for maximum holding capacity.
  • Lock Cut-out: Cut the shutter equally from the bottom and top.
  • Lock: Only Mortise / Cylindrical or Tubular type locks are advisable, as they provide more mechanical strength.
  • Hinge or lock cutout should be coated with primer/paint.

Door Maintenance Instructions

  • Do not use petrol or any other harmful chemicals for cleaning the doors as it may cause damages to the door surface.